Zululand &
The Zulu People
The Zulu (South African English and isiZulu: amaZulu) are a South African
ethnic group of an estimated 17-22 million people who live mainly in the
province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The Zulu form South Africa's largest
single ethnic group. Small numbers also live in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and
Mozambique. Their language, isiZulu, is a Bantu language; more
specifically, part of the Nguni subgroup. The Zulu Kingdom played a major
role in South African History during the 19th and 20th centuries. Under
apartheid, Zulu people were classed as second-class citizens and suffered
from state sanctioned discrimination. Today, they are the most numerous
ethnic group in South Africa, and have equal rights along with all other

The Zulu were originally a minor clan in what is today Northern
KwaZulu-Natal, founded ca. 1709 by Zulu kaNtombhela. In the Zulu
language, Zulu means heaven, or sky. At that time, the area was occupied
by many large Nguni tribes and clans (also called isizwe=nation, people or
"isibongo"=clan). Nguni tribes had migrated down Africa's east coast over
thousands of years, probably arriving in what is now South Africa in about
the year A.D. 800.

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Zulu, Zulu History, King Shaka, Ulundi, Eshowe and Richards Bay are some of the terms
associated with this world renowned region of KwaZulu-Natal.
Evocative of grandeur as Zululand
surely is - conjuring up images of
noble culture, magnificent wildlife
and fabulous surroundings -
nothing compares to first- hand
experience of our Kingdom's
heartland...via ultra- modern,
efficient infrastructures. Once a
magnet for the tall ships, dhows
and caravans of early imperialists,
seafaring opportunists and
fortune-hunters, this great wealth of
earthly beauty and resources is
now firmly established as one of
the world's most protected places.
An extensive network of expertly-run
Nature Reserves and Game Parks,
ensure not only our flora and
fauna's abundant future, but
absolute delight for today's
outdoor-loving traveller... and those
to follow.

For these sanctuaries give refuge
to several hundred bird species - of
South Africa's total - in addition to
many antelope variants and, of
course, our much- vaunted Big
Five...lion, leopard, elephant,
buffalo and rhino. Not that the hippo
is insignificant, the cheetah lacking
in grace or the giraffe vertically-
challenged! Glancing seawards
from pristine sand dunes before
the snorkel - or scuba-adventure of
a lifetime, a likely reward is yet
another awesome sight - giant and
gentle whales plying their way north
to breed...or returning south to feed.
Woven into this exhilarating fabric of nature-at-large
are fascinating opportunities to be immersed in
vibrant, living culture...and gain insights into our
somewhat turbulent past. The powerful Zulu nation
was forged amid this splendour...involved itself in a
short, bloody conflict with Boer settlers...then traded
battle scars with British soldiers during the
year-long Anglo-Zulu War. Historic military
landmarks also bear witness to several major
campaigns of the Anglo-Boer War that followed.

From luxury game lodge, floating chalet or beach
camp...on foot or horseback...by canoe or 4x4...these
unforgettable adventures beckon with open arms.
As do your proud hosts...the People of Heaven. We
look forward to meeting you soon!

For more information please contact
The Uthungulu
Tourism Information Office or download the
Zululand Electronic Brochure
Zululand Towns

Richards Bay
The KwaZulu-Natal Tourism Authority
EMail: info@tourism-kzn.org. Telephone: (+27 31) 304 7144. Fax: (+27 31) 305
Postal Address: KZNTA, P.O. Box 2516, Durban 4000, South Africa
Street Address: 303 Tourist Junction, 160 Pine Street, Durban 4001, South
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