How Can We Help You?

Looking for something and tearing your hair out?  Maybe I can help you or
put you in direct contact with the owners of some of unquestionably the
most popular education sites in the WWW.  At present we are converting
and adjusting our data base to bring additional theme, language, content,
fun and education to
St Aiden's.   

This site and resources are free, my material I have created, mostly
from public domain resources, or I have obtained the necessary licensing
to display it on my website.  If you find something that is not credited
but you feel should be, please notify me and I will investigate and remedy
the situation.  This should not happen, however it does with the best
intention in the world, sometimes oversights do occur.  

This website is a work in progress, constantly.   Form inception in 2007 it
has evolved and has continued to grow with the needs of our society and
cultures.   The aim is still to bring you the best in free and affordable
quality resources for
home based education in South Africa.   I have
recently removed certain sections, and added new sections, and will
continue to remove sections I do not believe were serving the purpose for
which they were intended.

If you would be interested in donating your own educational material to be
published on this site, please feel free to contact us.  We would really
love to hear from you.

I will continue updating the site with current content which should interest
our learners and educators alike.  Let's not forget to make time out for
fun.  I will also research the net to find valuable information, downloads,
special offers that will be beneficial to all of us in our quest and thirst
for knowledge.

Free dictionaries in various languages, including Zulu, can be downloaded in
activities section, and I'll also be keeping an eye out for any
legislation or Act that may passed or proposed that would be of interest
to our families, so please check back for that under the Legal section.    
Please keep in touch.
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Please familiarise yourself with our Terms of Use and Disclaimer prior to downloading resources.  Contents of this website (c) Donnette E Davis and/or St
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