Dolch Words - Overview & Teaching Notes  
    A comprehensive description and list of the 220 Dolch Words,
    the most common phrases and Dolch nouns.   All of the units
    mentioned in the Overview will be featured on this page for
    download in .PDF format, including flash cards, worksheets
For printable high frequency word lists click here.
For a comprehensive Directory of what downloads and
activities are available particularly relating to Pre-K please

The following activities are all files in .PDF format.  If you click on the
link it will download the file.  If you are using Firefox and there is a
difficulty with downloading, please adjust your settings.  Thank you.

Dolch Sight Words Unit 0 (PrePrimer - Gr RR)   Flash Cards

Dolch Sight Words Unit 1    (Primer - Grade 1) Activity Book

Dolch Sight Words Unit 2  (Grade 1)  

Dolch Sight Words Unit 3  (Grade 2) Flash Cards

Dolch Sight Words Unit 4  (Grade 3) Flash Cards

Dolch Nouns Word Wall
Dolch Nouns Writing Practice PDF
Dolch Nouns Tracing PDF
Dolch Phrases Tracing PDF

Dolch Words - Word Wall 1
Dolch Words - Word Wall 2
Dolch Words - Word Wall 3
Dolch Words - Word Wall 4
Dolch Words - Word Wall 5
Dolch Words - Free printout of all of the most common Dolch
Words/High Frequency Words
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Dolch Words
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Dolch Activity Pack
  • 220 Dolch Word List, in Grades
  • 220 Dolch Words, Word Walls, in
  • 220 Dolch Sight Words & Word
  • 95 Dolch Nouns, Sight Words &
    Tracing, with illustrations
  • 150 Dolch Phrases & Tracing
  • Story including all Dolch Nouns
  • Additional lined practice notepaper
  • Click here for more info & Preview.