On this page I'll be featuring a few tried 'n tested methods of homeschooling, curricula, arts & crafts or
merely advice when getting started.  Also included you will find information to the various
Homeschooling curriculum providers, HS Associations and HS Organisations in Southern Africa, as
well as the contact details for the Department of Education in your area.  I cannot stress the importance
of joining the
Pestalozzi Legal Defence Fund for Homeschooling families.  Please do visit these sites,
there is a wealth of information I cannot hope to cover.   Enjoy!  If you are a HS organisation or support
group or curriculum-provider and would like to place a link and description  on this page please
Government Education System in South Africa
Home Schooling Explained
Homeschooling Internet Sites
Benefits of Home Schooling
Encouraging Thoughts
Christian Homeschooling
Overview of Home Schooling in South Africa
What about Socialisation?
Why Home Schooling is Becoming So Popular
Free Curriculum for Pre-Schoolers
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"Awesome site for those that home school. Very informative about culture and I pray the Lord Jesus will bless them all very much!"

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Free Maths Curriculum - All Grades
Free eBooks & Lesson Plans, 100's of External Links
Homeschooling Resources in South Africa
Description of Homeschooling in South Africa
Jubilee Christian Homeschooling Online Resources
4 Reasons to Homeschool Your Child

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What is Homeschooling?  Homeschooling Explained to you HERE

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