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I’m Learning About Fossils – St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa | CurrClick.

This book which is aimed at kindergarten through 7th grade covers geology, geography, palaeontology, science amidst other lessons in which there is a focus on critical thinking skills, vocabulary, writing skills, comprehension and more.

The study of fossils entails at least five scientific disciplines: earth science, palaeontology, geography, biology, and geology. Each of these disciplines involves a unique content area as well as the development of particular intellectual skills. This unit helps teachers sort and organize the most important ideas in this rich scientific area. Detailed lesson plans serve as ways to pass these ideas on to very young students as well as older students. Comprehensive teacher/parent notes have been included which document in enormous detail the journey of the earth throughout the various Eras or Timelines. Comprehensive activities for learners have been included, and should be adapted to the age of the learner.

Due to the vast amount of information available, we have provided extensive notes in an endeavour to assist the educator in creating lesson plans. While notepages, handouts and activity sheets are included we have not burdened this book with excessive notepages. We would recommend rather that multiple copies be made of the pages required. Lessons should be adjusted and adapted to suit the age of the learner.

The contents of this book enable the educator to prepare lessons for learners from Kindergarden/Grade1 through Grade 7 – even older children. We stress again that every child develops at his or her own pace and whilst some children may find the lessons fairly simple and straightforward other children may require a little more time and explanation. We encourage “children developing at their own pace”. If a lesson appears too complex for a child, it is very easily “downgraded” or simplified to the child’s comfort level of understanding.

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