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25 Halloween Themed Sudoku Puzzles

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This packet contains 25 Halloween Themed Sudoku puzzles, commencing with the easiest level, that being only pictures, in fun cut and paste activities, increasing gradually in difficulty, until reaching the more challenging ‘adult levels’.

There are also 3 templates for picture Sudoku to “make your own” with levels from ‘very easy’ to ‘fairly advanced’ for older children.

Simple numbered Sudoku puzzles follow on from the seasonally illustrated block games, & whilst a number puzzle, does not require math skills to complete.  Sudoku is a game applied with, and by the reinforcing of, logic, reasoning and critical thinking skills and is popular worldwide amongst persons of all age groups.

The games in this pack can be laminated for protection and durability, and re-used, or only those puzzles printed out when required. As the games progress so does the level of difficulty. Adults will find the last puzzles somewhat challenging.

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