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Free Halloween Coloring Book

Le Magick Halloween Coloring Book Freebie

An eclectic mix of Halloween-themed images, free to download.  Images sourced from Public Domain and/or enhanced for use as coloring pages.

According to Janine, from Coloring Pages India, Coloring is a fun activity for children of all ages.   It is a powerful educational tool which stimulates a child’s overall development.

Toddlers are introduced to the concept of coloring in through scribbling activities which involves giving them crayons in any color and asking them to create a “masterpiece” on a blank sheet of paper.  Their sense of achievement and self-pride when gazing lovingly at their work of art is in itself enough encouragement for them to want to continue.

Some of the many benefits of coloring are increased concentration, wherein coloring forces your child focus on the activity she or he is doing.  The child needs to concentrate on the movement of the crayon or pencil, and see what the effects and results are left on the paper.

It also has the benefit of developing gross-motor skills where the little one is required to coordinate their hand/eye movements.   They will eventually learn to hold the pencil or crayon and control its movement, and painstakingly control the crayon so that the color does not go beyond the outline.

Bright and vibrant colors have always fascinated and attracted children, and new colors can be introduced regularly.  Encourage your child to use colors that he or she can compare to something within their learning environment.  This will assist with identification and memory.

Children are naturally creative and curious.  An outlined image provides enough scope to a child to think about the different combinations of colors which can be used to give an enhanced look to the picture.  He exercises his mind to imagine the desired look that his choice of colors will eventually have on the picture.

Download it here : Le Magick Halloween Coloring Book Freebie

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