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Printables for Educators/Parents
Birds Home
Files are in PDF format. You can download Acrobat here
For Parents/Educators you are very welcome to download any or all of our Grade K-5
Thematic Units and/or Lesson Plans for use in your homes, homeschool, classroom or
community centres.  These pages feature activities, teaching resources, poetry, songs and
rhymes as well as fun educational printables for various age groups.

Bird Colouring Sheets
For more Printables ~ Bird Activities
Bird Vocabulary Exercise ~ Download PDF
Acrostic Poems

Alphabet Flash Cards
Calendar Pieces
Concentration Game
Days of the Week
How Many?
Number cards
Bird Addition
Write the Definition

Bird Jigsaw Puzzles

Dinner Time



Flying South

Going Home

Happy Feet


In the Nest


Meg the Hen

Penny the Pigeon

Rockin' Robin

Sally Seagull

Tony Turkey
With Our Compliments, please feel free to download any or all of the following Bird Books, by right-clicking
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You are invited to preview the
following books.  Please click on
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book from one of our series will
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