Bird Families

Birds Home
Birds are divided into families according to their form, habit, and manner of obtaining food.

Perching Birds, Ex.—Robin, oriole.
Climbing Birds, Ex.—Woodpecker and parrot.
Scratching Birds, Ex.—Hen, pigeon.
Wading Birds, Ex.—Crane, heron.
Swimming Birds, Ex.— Goose and duck.
Running Birds, Ex.—Ostrich.
Preying Birds, Ex.—Eagle.

Fast grow the young ones, day and night,’
Till their wings are plumed for a longer flight;
Till unto them at last draws nigh
The time when they all must say “Good-bye.”
Then “Coo,” say the little ones, “Coo,” says she,
And away they fly from the old pine-tree.
Andante sostenuto.

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