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The Dove And The Woodpecker ~ A Fable

A dove and a woodpecker had been visiting a peacock. “How did you like our
host ?“ asked the woodpecker, after their visit. “Is he not very disagreeable? His
vanity, shapeless feet, and his harsh voice are unbearable. Don’t you think so ?”
“Indeed I had no time,” said the gentle dove, “to notice these things; I was so
occupied with the beauty of his head, the gorgeousness of his colours, and the
majesty of his train.”

Tell children one of the legends connected with the Doves of Venice.  Centuries
ago this “City of the Sea” was nearly conquered by enemies. Doves arrived with
messages just in time to save the city and ever since the doves have been
protected and loved by the people. Strangers enjoy watching them in the
beautiful St. Marco Square near the grand cathedral.

High on the top of an old pine tree
Broods a mother-dove with her young ones three.
Warm over them is her soft downy breast,
And they sing so sweetly in their nest.
“Coo,” say the little ones, “Coo,” says she.
All in their nest on the old pine-tree.

Note to Educator/Parent: ~ The name ‘dove” and “pigeon” are not quite
synonymous, but because “dove” is also commonly used In literature and is so
nearly correct, “Howe” advocates the use of the term dove in primary grades.
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