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How to Create Your Own Galaxy

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Creating your own galaxy isn't a hard thing. You've just got to really dig deep into you're mind or some people find this extremely easy. You've just got to think about a few things...


  1. Get out a spare piece of paper and fins a quiet place to think. Some people might have a different thinking spot. Where ever you can think the best at is a good spot.
  2. Think of a name for your galaxy. Make sure you are NOT copy any galaxy name like the Milky Way.
  3. Think what the environment is. For example, snow and ice or hot and dry.
  4. Select the size of your planet. Imagine how big it would be. For example, a giant planet or a medium planet or even a small planet.
  5. Think about the organisms living on your planet. Maybe no one lives on your planet. Thinking about the new organism is a whole different thinking process. But focus on the planets.
  6. Think of the name of your planets. Make sure, once again, that you are not copy any other planets' name like: Earth or Venus. And poof! You've got a planet in mind! Well done!
  7. Repeat this process again and again until you've got a galaxy!


  • One last time, don't copy anything because it needs to be original. Stealing thoughts from some one else, I know, saves a lot of time but you need to create something original. It should have you written all over it.

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