These Free Printable Activity Books are suitable for pre-K4 children, (age 3 to around 7 years) but can be adapted for younger or older
children.  Every section in this site has free printables and activity books in addition to these on this page.  Enjoy!

The files are in either ZIP or PDF format.  ZIP files will open into PDF books.  Please click on the thumbnail to download or right-click
and "save as" to your computer, when you have navigated from this page.
While I get mails from visitors to the site asking about the activity books that have NOT been
uploaded yet, please note that
before compiling any activity books and making them
available for download, appropriate clip art has to be sought and the relevant permissions
obtained.  Every activity book has already been compiled "in the rough" but until such time
as I have received the permissions to make use of clip art, poems or activities, and/or
references to articles etc. the books cannot be finalised and made available to the public
for download.

Each book is researched meticulously, and while we are human and can err I do make an
effort to provide you with a document that is factually correct, licensed appropriately and
helpful to the parent/educator/child, while also being pleasing to the eye and a fun
learning activity to do with your child... this does take time.    Thank you for your
understanding :)
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154 pgs of Lesson Plans,
Activities and thematic
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730 crafts, activities and recipes
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Activity Books
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