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“October is the month of painted leaves. Their rich glow now flashes round the world. As fruit and leaves,
and the day itself acquire a bright tint just before they fall, so the year near its setting. October is its sunset
sky. November the later twilight.”  ~Thoreau

Autumn is one of the four seasons that every country on every continent experiences at some stage during
the year.  In the Northern Hemisphere Autumn is known as “Fall” and occurs from around
September/October through November/December.  In the Southern Hemisphere autumn occurs from
around February/March to around April/May.  

We know that spring comes after winter, and this is the time when trees, flowers and plants awaken from
their winter sleep. New buds and shoots are bright green, orange or yellow and sweet smelling.  After
spring comes summer when the plants and trees are in full bloom, soaking up the sun and summer
rains.  Autumn occurs after summer. This is the time when the trees, plants and flowers get ready to rest
for winter.  For me this is the most beautiful time of the year.

Probably the best way to sum up what actually happens with the change from summer to autumn, before
winter, is this age-old story of the Old Oak tree.


The monarch oak, the patriarch of trees,
Shoots rising up, and spreads by slow degrees;
Three centuries he grows, and three he stays
Supreme In state, and In three more decays.”

In the forest, high up on the steep shore, and not far from the open sea-coast, stood a very old oak tree. It
was just three hundred and sixty-five years old, but that long time was to the tree as the same number of
days might be to us; we wake by day and sleep by night, and then we have our dreams. It is different with
the tree; it is obliged to keep awake through three seasons of the year and does not get any sleep till
winter comes. Winter is its time for rest; its night after the long day of spring, summer and autumn.  The
oak remained awake through the morning of spring, the noon of summer, and the evening of autumn; its
time of rest, its night, drew nigh—winter was coming. Already the storms were singing, “Good-night, good
night.” Here fell a leaf and there fell a leaf. “We will rock you and lull you. Go to sleep, go to sleep. We will
sing you to sleep, and shake you to sleep, and it will do your old twigs good; they will even crackle with
pleasure. Sleep sweetly, sleep sweetly, it is your three-hundred-and-sixty-fifth night. Correctly speaking,
you are but a youngster in the world. Sleep sweetly; the clouds will drop snow upon you, which will be
quite a coverlid, warm and sheltering to your feet. Sweet sleep to you and pleasant dreams.”

Leaves are to plants what lungs are to animals. Where there are no trees  water from melted snow
disappears too rapidly; moisture that is needed in the soil is taken away by floods.  Forests build up a
wall and protect the farmers’ crops. We would have greater extremes of heat and cold if it were not for
trees.  The leaves catch the rain and hold it for a time before sending it to the earth. There are few birds
where there are no trees.  The old leaves make a deep carpet in the woods and keep the ground from
freezing during winter time.   The roots and trunks stop the water that comes pouring down the hillside
during times of heavy rain.  We have severe droughts in places where there are no trees. It has been
estimated that a large plant (sunflower) gives off over a quart of water a day.

So now we know that fall is the time before winter, when the trees, flowers and plants prepare themselves
to rest until the time again when spring replaces winter, and when they will awaken with new life, glorious
colours and beautiful scents.

Please join us as we discover the joys of autumn.  We will learn poems and songs, read stories, prepare
meals, and do lots of fun activities.  

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