The Miracle of
Migration in Animals
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Albatrosses fly on month-long journeys without once coming down to land. Swallows fly around the world during their
migrations. Swarming locusts can cover distance of 3,000 kilometres. Newly hatched eels begin journey of 6,000
kilometres...In migration, many animals cover vast distances with nothing to show the way or any instrument to guide them.

Migration's remarkable aspect lies not just in the length of the distance covered. Some migratory birds, for example, return
to their former winter habitat after spending several years in one region. Some of the problems that migrators may
encounter include high energy predators, But how do these animals manage to cover these distances in spite of all these
difficulties?? How do they know when to do so? Who guides them on their journey? How can random coincidences teach
them how to store the energy needed for long distance travel, navigate and judge time??

All these questions indicate the presence of a Creator processing infinite knowledge and intelligence. As a verse of the
Quran makes known, all living creatures are under the control of God, This book demonstrates the magnificence of God's
creation in the remarkable migratory journeys that animals undertake.
The miracle of migration in animals
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